Picking the right radio is one of the hardest choices a beginner must make. We believe the FlySky FS-i6 is just that radio. We want to thank Gearbest for sending us this radio so that we could write up this guide. Fantastic vendors like Gearbest are what make it happen.

If you are considering buying this radio system, check it out on Gearbest using this link. Also consider checking out their extensive miniquad kit listings — they are an excellent value for getting in the air for cheap. This radio is sold under many different names with some special stickers and packaging for each one.

Regardless, these radios are identical other than the stickers. It is easily half as big as my Taranis and DX This type of antenna is also really valuable for packing your equipment away. It is hugely beneficial to be able to simply throw all your gear in a big backpack so you can go for a hike with it or walk long distances to the field. This transmitter is both compact enough to do that and has an antenna that does not need reinforcement. The radio is powered by 4 AA batteries. The stick feel is OK.

I think they are comparable to the sticks on the Taranis and just fine for any beginners. They are made of aluminum and are adjustable just like the Taranis.

flysky vs frsky

For any beginners — I recommend you screw your sticks all the way out, regardless of whether you fly with thumbs or fingers. It really improves your precision. The radio comes equipped with digital trims for the 4 flight axes. It has 3 2-position switches, 1 3-position switch and two knob inputs.

Once I powered up the radio, I found the menu interface refreshingly easy to navigate. The configuration menu is very well filled out with features. It includes all the basics like reversing, EPA adjustment, dual rates and expo, mixing, throttle curves, etc. You can use this radio for any aircraft — RC helis, airplanes and of course quadcopters.

RC RADIO Shootout for 2019 - Spektrum Vs Futuba Vs Frsky Vs HiTec

I was surprised to find the radio comes with a telemetry option. Pretty cool. Speaking of telemetry — another neat feature of the radio is that the RX and TX seem to have some sort of synchronized settings feature. Once the RX is powered on these settings sync across and immediately take effect. The binding process was also refreshingly easy. Simply plug in a bind plug on the RX and power it up. The indicator light should flash red. The indicator light on the RX will turn solid red and binding is done.

Depending on where you buy the radio, you can get one of two receivers:. FS-iA6 — The more common of the receivers. A new feature coming out in the upcoming BetaFlight 3. Antennas are not replaceable. Again, the antennae are not replaceable. A8B — This RX has the right form factor, but has only 1 antenna without an extension.

If you can mount the antenna into clean air this might be a good option for you. It features iBus output, telemetry and diversity antennae that are replaceable.I just caught the short end of the Advertising Stick with Flysky again.

There is a ton of confusion as to what their transmitters are capable of and for us multi-rotor kids that brings the FS-i6, FS-i6s, and the FS-i6x under the microscope.

As far as my reasearch has revealed the difference between the protocols is Telemtry Capability, or two way communication. If like me, you have been enticed into buying bind-n-fly BNF microquads with an integrated Flysky RX, you will come to find out after research, since it seems to be written down almost no-where these are all AFHDS only.

So which radio is right for you depends on what you plan to fly.

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As it turns out, knowing which model does which is a chore to sort out. All three can be found listed for sale as compatible, however only the FS-i6 and FS-i6x are capable of operating both protocols; the FS-i6s is only AFHDS 2A and any other claim is fraudulent advertising, I discovered this after purchasing a batch of 6 imagine my and the sellers surprise! You can confirm for yourself at RCGroups. Not only does it have Firmware support from Flysky at least 2 updates have been released, the firmware utility automatically updates to the most recent versionit has also matured to the point that custom firmware exists.

See github. You do need to purchase a firmware update cable and PC simulator cable separately, however you will have a complete 10ch TX capable of binding to BNF models. For a complete review and Tear Down: Propwashed Fs-i6 review. Touchscreen equipped, shoulder sliders, and telemetry ready, it also comes with a USB micro-c cable current android charger for the lamen which serves as the Firmware update cable and the Simulator connection to the PC.

A slight setback of the FS-i6s is that there are no physical switches for trim. They are software based and buried in a menu. Thanks for that confusion…. The FS-i6x is the direct successor to the FS-i6. It looks fairly identical, with slightly different color patterns.

It offers 10ch 8ch? Unfortunately this all comes locked behind the First Gen firmware, which flysky is notorious for hosing. Pc connectivity is possible as you can connect through a separately purchased FS-i6 simulator cable as confirmed by youtube user Manel Gomez here. Since there is not a firmware update yet, the cable makes a nice paperweight or addition to your snake pit till that date arrives. At this time, the stock cable does not connect the remote as a device to windows.

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More research is needed though, as no changes are needed to make the FS-i6s function out of the box in windows. As it is first gen Flysky firmware, other issues should be expected, even if they are not discovered yet.

There is not an in-depth review for this TX yet, A few videos do exist, one of which confirms that the USB cable is indeed not functional.

flysky vs frsky

See it here. Final Thoughts: After a month and a half of research and false starts, having purchased and enjoyed the FS-i6s, to be thwarted by false advertising. Dual protocol is the deciding feature for me I need it for BNF flysky models. Which leaves a choice between the FS-i6 and the Fs-i6x.

Looking forward to seeing what Benbojangles comes up with once he gets his test unit.Can anybody tell me what the difference between FrSky and FlySky 2.


Is it a name change,and can stuff ie receivers and other components interchange? Please forgive my apparant arrogance as im new to this 2. A Rx for one won't work with the other's Tx. Many thanks for that. Which would u think is better FrySky,or Flysky,or is it purely a preference thing? There are many many FRsky users out there who are very happy, I dont know anyone using Flysky. The only thing that baffles me a bit is why mine uses 8 AA batteries as aposed to my Sanwa Vangaurd 6ch Tx used a seald unit type battery in the 90s when i first started this wonderfull hobby.

The Sanwa i still have in fact like new as well it was 35mhz btw. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more.

Forum sponsored by:. I've Heard of Flysky but know Nothing about them! To rhyme with whisky or as F. I can honestly say it was a cracking transmitter!

Flysky Transmitters: what to know before you buy.

Never failed me once or had any glitching, easy enough to use and pretty well made. I just did the "lipo conversion " on mine to save swapping batteries. Its exactly the same transmitter as the turnigy 9x. Although I swapped mine out for the spektrum because I wanted the convenience of "bnf " I really do miss it! You won't go far wrong! Magazine Locator. Use our magazine locator link to find your nearest stockist! View All Topics. Q: The effects of Coronavirus. Yes - for the first time.

Yes - but Ive bashed balsa before. No - Ive existing projects on the bench. Community Sites.But the new R-XSR might be the new answer to that question. It comes with IPEX antenna connectors so you if damage the antenna you can easily buy a new one and replace it. Check out this post to find out aobut other Frsky RX for mini quads. When the R-XSR fails and loses signal, the other receiver will try to take over. So there would be two separate connections. As far as we know this should be fixed soon with a firmware update.

Here is the instruction how to flash Frsky receiver firmware. The second issue is finding the uninverted Smart Port signal. It is possible to get the uninverted S. Finally, the antennas are not optimal. I wish they just follow the XSR and solder the antennas directly to the receiver rather than using those fragile iPEX connectors which are only designed for a few mating cycles.

Many people including have reported range issues and complained about it to Frsky. However if you are having range issue, you can simply strip the antenna shielding to extend the antenna element and experiment until you find your desirable length. If none of these issues bother you, then you should definitely get it while they are still in stock. Port signal. Be careful when shopping around for antenna replacement. What are the other pads for on this receiver?

This has been my experience with the r-xsr rx, did some modest testing, got meters at most. Never again.

flysky vs frsky

Info about the testing: youtu.Frsky radios are by far the most popular brand in the FPV hobby, they offer great performance at a great price along with an excellent selection of receivers. Jumper radios, on the other hand, offer infinite compatibility thanks to their 4in1 radio module.

This means you can use just about any receiver with your radio, including FRsky gear. Read on to find out.

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Both radios are great. The QX7 is still undoubtedly an excellent and safe choice. However, if you value not being locked into the Frsky ecosystem the Jumper radio is definitely something to consider as it is compatible with just about every receiver on the market. Bottom line, both are great options and both run open source firmware which can only get better in the future.

The stand out feature of the jumper radio is the fact that you can use it with just about any receiver on the market thanks to its built-in 4in1 radio module.

How to tell if microwave fuse is blown

But failing that, the Jumper V2 also includes an external JR style module bay that lets you connect external modules such as the TBS Crossfire long-range radio with some limitations.

So the main reason to get the jumper is to avoid being locked into a single manufacturer set of products. This is something that I love about the radio as I can truly use a single radio to fly every single model I own. The downside of having such flexibility on the jumper is that the menu system of the radio takes some getting used to. Although the interface is fairly easy to understand, there are a set of features specific to each type of receiver you are using which can make it confusing when setting up a new model, particularly for people new to the hobby.

There is a fairly detailed manual available along with a bunch of YouTube videos online to help get your started which does help. The small size of this radio can be a good or a bad thing depending on what you want. I like the smaller size as it fits easier into my bag, but I know some people prefer the traditional size of radios as that is what they are used to.

The Jumper is also more affordable than the Taranis. If you want something cheap, you can get the standard version of the jumper that has a smaller screen and regular encoder gimbals. This standard version is cheaper than the equivalent Taranis QX7 that also uses encoder gimbals. Due to the immense popularity of Frsky products in the FPV hobby, everything works with Frsky so you will not be missing out on much if you go for the Taranis. Also because of their popularity, there are infinite videos and guides on the internet showing you how to do just about anything with your radio.

But besides this, Frsky is the most popular because they make top-notch hardware at reasonable prices. Although the jumper radio works with nearly everything, being locked into the Frsky ecosystem is not a bad thing as Frsky offer a huge selection of receivers to fit just about any model, from nano drones to ultra-long-range systems.

Although both radios use open source firmware, the OpenTX project is more active than the DeviationTX firmware used on the jumper radio. Because of this, you are likely to see the new features sooner on Frsky products before they will trickle down to the Frsky part of the deviation firmware. At the end of the day I would say that the Taranis is the safer option to go for, sure it costs slightly more than the equivalent Jumper radio, but the QX7 is an immensely popular radio for a reason.

And the Jumper V2 is still a relatively new kid on the block that offers a boatload of features. If you have decide to go for the Taranis, but not sure if the QX7 S is worth the extra money, check out our review here. Like most things that are closely matched, its just a matter of opinion.

At the time of me writing this article, I tend to prefer the jumper radio.


The reason is that I love the ability to use a single radio to fly multiple models irrespective of the receiver. When you fly a lot of different quads for testing or review purposes, its great to have one radio that you know will work on them all.

But before I started using the Jumper radio, as you can see, the Taranis QX7 has had loads of use in the last year which is why it does not look very shiny and is missing a switch.

I hope you found this article helpful, if you have some questions, or want to add some information, or simply add your opinion please discuss below.This page is regularly updated as new products come out. This page was last updated January 25, Basically all of the links on this page are affiliate links. I receive a commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking one of the affiliate links below. Read our Affiliate Link Policy for more information. If this will be your first time ordering from Banggood, you should know a few things.

The controller goes in your hands. The receiver goes in your quad.

Cz frame mounted compensator

You move the sticks on the controller, and those commands are transmitted wirelessly to the quad via the receiver. Different brands of controllers use a different protocol to talk to their receiver.

This is actually way more important than many beginners realize. Some brands of receiver are 2x or 3x as expensive as others. Some brands lack features like telemetry so you can check your battery voltage and other stats while flying. The FlySky FS-i6 is a cheaply-made radio that is totally redeemed by its software features and robust receiver selection.

Once upon a time, you would have had to buy a much more expensive controller in order to get features like six channels, digitally adjustable channel endpoints, and programmable channel mapping. Today, even cheap radios are computer-controlled, and so its easy for manufacturers to add these once-premium features to a budget controller.

The down-side of this radio is that it lacks the build quality of other radios. But many beginners start with this radio and stick with it even after they could afford an upgrade. Another advantage of this radio is that it uses the same FlySky receivers as the Evolution radio, and there are also higher-end FlySky radios. The recommended receiver is the X6B.

OpenTX is an incredibly powerful and flexible operating system for controllers. Pretty much anything you can imagine wanting your controller to do, OpenTX can do. The down-side of this is that OpenTX can be a little complicated to learn to use at first. Some beginners struggle.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest reasons to choose a Taranis radio. FrSky has the widest variety of micro receivers for mini quads, as well as full-size receivers for fixed wings, and even long-range receivers. Most modern Taranis receivers also support telemetry. Oh, and did I mention, they all support 16 channels?

The QX7 is my personal budget pick because it has every single feature you could possibly want, decent build quality, and a pleasant, modern form factor, at a reasonable price.

The recommended receiver is the R-XSR. I just switched to the Jumper T16 it as my personal daily-driver radio. What makes it so good? Huge color screen makes configuration a breeze and allows more useful widgets and scripts. Hall Effect gimbals. Supports Crossfire and R9 for long-range control.Post a Comment.

FRSky XM+ Full Range Sbus Micro Receiver

Tuesday, October 1, There is nothing worse than having spent many hours building an expensive plane or helicopter than to take it out into the field and have it fall out of the sky from a bad radio signal. Thankfully RC Radio technology is better than ever. Choosing a brand name quality radio transmitter can prevent costly crashes or fly aways later on.

Each company makes a wide range of models, we will only look at from inexpensive to some you may need to get a small loan to afford. When you move up the model ladder you are paying for smoother high quality ball bearing gambles, better cases and more channels. A more expensive radio with smoother sticks can make you a better pilot. But it won't take the place of many hours spent actually honing your flying skills.

Let's have a look at some of the best transmitters available and how they compare. We will show you which RC radios are the best for The Spektrum RC Radios have not been around as long as Futuba, but they really have some good things going for them and many RC Pilots are quite happy with them. They offer intuitive easy to use software, quality hardware in their upper line models and the their easy bind and fly setup works great with many popular Horizon RC planes and helicopters available everywhere.

Additional Features. Get some Amazing Deals on eBay. This is one of the most affordable higher end radios with some great features for the price. It also offers very sensetive 8-ball bearing gimbals with adjustable tension.

We find it ironic that the lower priced radios offer more ball-bearings then in some of the more expensive models. Find the best price on eBay. No matter which RC radio you buy, you won't go wrong with any one of these. If you can afford it, both the Spektrum and Futuba offer the best software and top of the line quality hardware.

Otherwise, you can't go wrong with Frsky or especially the bargain priced Hitec Aurora 9 compared to the rest.

Just make sure to buy a receiver as they won't bind and fly like the Spektrum do with their bind-n-fly RC models. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Popular Drones. Find a Deal.