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Sick of buying aftermarket parts that don't live up to the OEM standards? No fear! As an authorized distributor, we have OEM Waltco parts in stock and ready to ship out today. Choose your item below or call us for help. We have a total of tagged products for Waltco Liftgate available. Search by Style of Model Cantilever. View Models of Style. Column Lift. Pickup Lift. Rail Lift. Side Loader. Slide Lift.

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Tommy Gate Lift Gates and Prices

View Model. Waltco Super Switch Waltco Liftgate Hydraulic Oil - Waltco - Waltco C20 Cylinder Waltco Solenoid - Waltco red platform spring - Waltco RGL Cylinder Waltco RGL curb side cable Waltco Power Unit Tuck under Search Waltco products Sounds like a lot of options? Recent Waltco General Talk.We noticed that you come from a different location. As the industry innovator in operations and safety, our high standard commitment helps confirm that your transported goods reach their destination on-time and safely.

Plus, our gates are finished in a variety of surface treatments, depending on your needs, to maximize the corrosion protection of your lift. This means that your repair shop can quickly assist you if you have problems.

The majority of Palfinger Liftgate models have standard E-coating or are offered in optional galvanizing. Depending on your needs and area of operation — you can choose your corrosion protection. The power packs are equipped with thermo-switch protected motors and extra heavy duty solenoids.

Model Overview Liftgates

The Premium end of Palfinger Liftgate models are equipped with solid state controls ready for telematics. All of them are internally protected for electric shorts. The control system has built in diagnostics covering possible electrical problems, which greatly reduces trouble shooting lead times.

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Show all products. Home Products Liftgates.Most common carriers provide liftgate service, if needed, to load and unload a shipment when loading docks are not available.

liftgate installation cost

A lift-gate is a device used to raise and lower items from ground level to the level of a tractor trailer. Freight companies deliver items on a tractor trailer which is approx 56 inches above the ground. These trailers are designed to load and unload at a loading dock or with a fork-lift.

How to Prepare Your Stepvan or Boxtruck for Liftgate Installation Part 1

If your delivery location does not have a loading dock or fork-lift and the item is too heavy to remove from the trailer by hand, then you may need a lift-gate.

It is ideal for deliveries to residential areas, as well as commercial areas that have no docks like stores. Rapid Express Freight ships with several different freight companies depending on the delivery location and the delivery services you request. The best way to find your actual lift-gate cost is to call us for an exact quote of your delivery costs with and without lift-gate delivery.

There are several ways to avoid paying lift-gate delivery costs. If your delivery location has a loading dock or forklift you do not need a lift-gate.

If the individual items in your shipment are light enough for you to remove from the truck you do not need a lift-gate. If you are willing to drive to the closest terminal and pick up the freight from the delivery terminal, you do not need a lift-gate.

Terminal delivery is often a good way to save both lift-gate and residential delivery fees. If none of these options are available, paying for liftgate delivery might be your best option. Availability varies by carrier and the equipment used. Therefore, it is very important to let us know in advance if you will require liftgate delivery since most trucks are not equipment with a liftgate.

Also, carriers are not obligated to perform such service when suitable vehicles equipped with such devices and operators are not available. When the freight is already in transit, sometimes it is not possible to get liftgate service especially if your freight is loaded in the middle of the truck with other deliveries that have to be made along the route. Some carriers might also not have a terminal close by to your destination location to drop off the freight.

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Liftgate Service. Get a Free Freight Quote! Toggle Sliding Bar Area.Installation takes less than three minutes. LiftGator XTR gives truck owners the flexibility to install and use a 1,pound-capacity liftgate when necessary and to remove and store it when not needed.

No truck modifications are required, and the vehicle can be driven with the liftgate attached. When installed, LiftGator functions like any other liftgate on the market. When not attached, its three-section foldable platform gives the unit a small footprint that takes up little storage space.

This gives the truck owner a liftgate when they need it, and their truck back when they don't. The VLG is more cost-effective, easier to use, and lower maintenance than any other liftgate available for commercial vans. The frame rails are then raised into position, and ground supports are lowered to support the lifting.

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The platform is raised and lowered with the push of a button, making loading heavy items into the van effortless. World AG Expo Top 10 New Product of the Year.

No modification required for your truck. Attach to any truck in less than 3 minutes. Use with multiple vehicles. Effortlessly lift up to lbs. For Commercial Vans Learn More. Roll and secure the LiftGator unit to your truck or van. Position the leg stabilizers. Lower the platform to load and raise cargo into the vehicle.

Place your LiftGator back in the appropriate driving position. What Exactly is a LiftGator? Now Available for Commercial Van Applications.

liftgate installation cost

Time to See it in Action. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Our Commitment Speaks for Itself. Award Winning Manufacturing, Sales, and Performance. Have Any Questions? Buy Online Choose Your Options. Find Distributor. First Last.Tommy Gate offers a full line of liftgates for any personal, commercial, or industrial application.

Depending on your particular cargo-handling needs and your vehicle, certain liftgates may be more suitable than others.

Browse our different products to learn more. When you're ready to buy, find the dealer nearest you. A dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design liftgate. The G2 Series is versatile, popular, and modern.

liftgate installation cost

The Tommy Gate Cantilever Series is a modern hydraulic lift that is specifically designed to operate seamlessly with commercial vans. High-Cycle models support large steel platforms and high lifting capacities while still remaining completely dock-compatible.

The platform drop-down function allows work vehicles to load and unload in any manner at any location. TKT models address all the concerns a liftgate operator faces.

Power Lift-Gate

Learn about the newest Tommy Gate series. Our most popular models are stocked in warehouses worldwide, ready-to-ship to your nearest distributor. See the list of available models.

The Tommy Gate story is a tale of ingenuity. Read it here. Toggle navigation. Or, view all products:. Tommy Gate Brand Liftgates Solutions for nearly any application. Pickup - G2 Series A dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design liftgate. View Product.

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Cargo Van - Cantilever Series The Tommy Gate Cantilever Series is a modern hydraulic lift that is specifically designed to operate seamlessly with commercial vans.

Flatbed and Van - Railgate Series: Bi-Fold High-Cycle models support large steel platforms and high lifting capacities while still remaining completely dock-compatible. Service Body - G2 Series A dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design liftgate. Learn More. In stock. Guaranteed Stock. Proud of our Past Our History. Video Library Looking for operating instructions or product videos?

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